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At Joy Anesthesia we strive for your satisfaction and joy. We serve you the patient and we serve our surgeons.

We are your peri-operative physicians. From the evening before your surgery when we call to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your coming anesthesia until the time you are fully recovered from the anesthesia and ready to go home, we are there to ensure your well-being. Your anesthesiolgist stays with you for the entire procedure. Learn More

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Ola Adepitan, MD

Dr Adepitan received her residency and fellowship training at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, OH. She is a board certified Anesthesiologist. Dr Adepitan has practiced anesthesia for 19 years. Her goals are a happy patient and a happy surgeon. She takes pride in providing expert clinical care in a compassionate manner. Learn More

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    The Anesthesiologist at Joy Anesthesia for my facial plastic surgery was so nice, friendly and calming that it took away all my fears. I would recommend Joy Anesthesia to anyone having surgery.

    - Michael

    The anesthesiologist took great care of me for my dental surgery. My surgery was completely painless. Cheers!

    - Tim

    They were great, I had an excellent experience.

    - Tatiana

    I received such a compassionate care and high-quality treatment. I highly recommend Joy Anesthesia.

    - Ana

    I would recommend Joy Anesthesia to anyone looking for the best.

    - Claudia

    I was very scared about the anesthesia but after the anesthesiologist explained to me what to expect, her confidence reassured me. It went very well.

    - Luls